Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spotlight - Urban

I've posted this picture before and I also use this image on my business cards. More recently I had this image matted and framed for a silent auction prize. I must say, it looks good framed and I might just have to buy an arm's length of prize tickets so I can win it back.

I love the composition of this image but am also drawn to it emotionally. As you can see, it is taken on Main Street (in Winnipeg). Thoughts of friendship mingle with the soulful voice of Holly Cole as I remember that evening with gratitude and fondness.

(after I posted this, I noticed Main Street made it into today's Etsy Finds!)

Main Street

Spotlight - Umbrella

Today is a perfect grey day for a fun photo shoot with my yellow umbrella...but I don't have time. I did snap a picture of my umbrella on my patio, a taste of things to come. When the grey is just right and my schedule is clear, I will put a call out to gals with funky rubber boots to join me for an hour or so of fun! I can't give advance notice so it'll be those who can make it to 'such and such a place at such and such a time'...I may do this more than once because I have more than one 'such and such a place' in mind.

Keep on the look out for this umbrella popping up on this blog or your facebook page and be ready to join me for some yellow umbrella fun! You in?

And the winner is...

...Colleen - the Amazing Mrs B! Congratulations Colleen!! Click on the picture below to go to my Etsy site. There you can select from any of the 8 X 8's or 8 X 10's for your prizes (2 pictures).

Thank you to all those who entered. Your interest in my work (or something free) is encouraging!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spotlight - Bridge

What in the World Solved!

So quickly, too. Rae guessed it with her answer, front of a speaker. It is the front of an old radio/speaker.

What in the World?

Not all of my challenges have been answered correctly. I might be getting good at this. Let's see what happens with this one. If you think you know what this is, comment below.

Spotlight - Frost

The frost was so interesting yesterday morning. It was frost upon frost really, growing up like little trees instead of blanketing a surface. With the freezing and thawing action we've had, the moving water was frozen in time, branches fixed beneath the clear looking glass. This provided the perfect foundation for these little trees of frost. I had to lie on the ground to really see this and certainly to get the shot that I wanted.

Spotlight - Winter's Remains

Though I am waiting for the chill in the air to disappear, for the snow to melt away into spring's warmth, for the grass to grow and for the robin's return, there still is some beauty and colour to be found in winter's remains.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spotlight - Ice

On my walk today I found so many cool ice and frost formations. I wonder how I looked to those who might have spotted me lying down alongside Transcona Trail, a known dog run? I was careful. I think I was careful.

I call this one Sprout. Abstract art on ice!

The bit of green you see here is below ice level. How cool is that?
Thaw and serve up a little plate of spring.

Thoughts: Life and Living

I turned the computer off at 6:30 pm yesterday. It felt odd at first and then...I began to relax. I sat on the couch and listened to music. Soon my daughter joined me and we chatted for a good while. And then I read. It was such a good evening. Making the choice to go offline certainly improved my quality of living yesterday evening. I will do this again.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Spotlight - Tiger Lily

Thoughts: Grass and Geese, Life and Living

Spring is here and it is starting to feel like it too. I see grass and geese. Though the grass will need mowing and care, and the geese will be plentiful and add their own presence to the grass, for today these things make me feel like it is spring.

Something inside me begins to quicken. Life and enthusiasm start to flow in new ways that add, yes I will say it, spring to my step. I've set some goals for my week that involve exercise, eating well and turning my computer off at an earlier hour of the day. These goals are about enjoying life and living, being present and maybe pleasant! :) These goals all contribute to my higher goal of living a life of purpose. I'll save that for another post. In the meantime...

...cheers to spring!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spotlight - Water

The reflection gives the feeling that one misstep is all it will take before I will find myself in deep water. I best stay on the path. Though it seems narrow, it is enough. If I do step too wide, I will get wet, to be sure, but I will dry. I'll get back on the path and continue on. 


Spotlight - Water

The day slowly slips away into the sea. There is nothing quite like this, watching as day meets night on the water. 

Spotlight - Petals

I have not been able to bring myself to tossing these precious petals in the trash yet.

Favourite Things

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spotlight - Petals

The petals still lie on my dining table; I haven't thrown them in the trash. The bright sunshine has given them more life it seems, and certainly more purpose in my day. I know, the time will come when they will need to be discarded. But for today, for right now, they are still something.

Favourite Things - Camels

I love camels. They amuse me. The day has not yet come for me to post my own pictures of these characters, for I have none (camels or pictures of camels) so I will put the work of these amazing photographers here for you to see, so you too can enjoy the camel.

Spotlight - Petals

Spotlight - Moon

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spotlight - Reflect

I rush things. I was about to throw out a bunch of tulips that had already given much in the time they spent in my home. They were moved from room to room so I could see them in different light, diffused and direct. And, of course, the subtle and sometimes severe light differences were captured by my lens.

This afternoon I was about to pull them from the vase and toss them in the trash when the curled edges called out. I resisted the urge to discard them in my haste to clean my kitchen. Instead, I finished cleaning and then brought out my camera and gear. More was to be seen. 

Spotlight - Still


The colour is not photoshopped.

Spotlight and Enter to Win

Don't forget to enter to win! Click here to head to the post and enter to win 2 pictures of your choice. Pair them up and put them up! :)


First hidden from view and then bursting free, the light, beautiful light, bathed the steel and concrete with splendour.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Favourite Things - Bees

Spotlight - Yellow Umbrella

I have a yellow umbrella; she makes me smile. I have plans for this umbrella, adventures and activities. We will be spending time together and she will also be spending time with others, for I will share her. She'll enter homes and lives, maybe only a few and maybe just for a short time but, hopefully, when she does, her cheery way will brighten someone's day and they will smile.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Put the coffee on...

It was a beautiful spring day and we were heading out to the country to spend time with a dear family of friends. It had been a long winter and spring brought its own aches. But this day was beautiful. The sun was shining and the fire was crackling. The lawn chairs were exactly right. The connections too. Our family was blessed with such warmth and tenderness that will not be forgotten.

Too often, I stop short of hospitality because I feel I lack this or that. But on this day in the woods, with no house or stove in sight, we were welcomed and loved and offered what was there, the simple, finer things. And it was just right, exactly right.

Currently on Etsy's Front Page!!

Can you spy my pic? Curated by my tleague peep - a big thanks to corrnucopia!


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Creativity is from the Creator

Creativity is from the Creator. That I get to have this flow through me in whatever capacity into pictures humbles me. It is not my own. It points to something, someone, much greater. At least I hope it does. I am moved to tears, even now as I write, as I consider the fact that I have been gifted with something at all, never mind something that might possibly move people and touch their hearts in ways that, apart from the Creator's touch, I could never manage to do on my own. My heart spills over with gratitude.

What in the World?

What is this?

Spotlight - Purple

Spotlight - Nuts 'n Bolts (and don't forget to enter to win!!)

Favourite Things - Metallic Prints

Friday, March 18, 2011




At first glance, it was at though it were moving, pointing, reaching. At second glance, it couldn't be. The tree was dead. I could not look away. Even the clouds seemed to be engaging with these branches, drawing close, teasing them higher. Or maybe that was also the tree, pulling the clouds in from the heavens, to play, to dance. Finally, I decided, it was not dead at all for it inspired life.

Thoughts: Time and Inspiration

I have spent so much time on the business piece of my photography lately that I am having intense cravings to spend large amounts of time out in the field with my gear. In addition, my thoughts are wandering to all the fabulous courses being offered at a local photography school, the macro course in particular.

Current circumstances do not allow for big blocks of time earmarked for taking pictures nor do they allow for an investment of time or money into a course. I'll need to be creative in finding some smaller bits of time devoted to my craft. Carrying my camera with me more often is one way that I know increases my picture count.

Awhile ago I blogged about  making a switch to a smaller purse so I wouldn't be able to fit my camera inside just for the sake of it being available when inspiration would strike. The reason for this was shoulder pain. Well, I still have shoulder pain and I've taken fewer pictures. It was not the answer to the problem and it just created another problem.

Lugging my gear bag around everywhere I go is not something I care to do but I am willing to carry my camera.

I think I'll go switch purses again. If you see me stop suddenly on a sidewalk and crouch low to the ground or even lie down, don't panic and for heaven's sake, don't call 911. I've just been inspired.