Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I hesitate to venture back here because time won't allow me to keep it up these days. However, I'm processing our July and this somehow helps me to do that.

The time will come when installing carpet will need to stop it's destruction on my husband's knees. Finding something new, something more friendly to his body will be good. I think we've done that.

We spent three weeks of July in Edmonton taking a professional picture framing course. For those of you who know me, you'll see how this connects nicely with my work, photography. For those of you who know Rod, you'll see how the precision necessary in framing is not unlike the precision necessary in flooring. It seems like it will be a good fit.

As we studied and learned and sawed and hammered and stretched our minds in ways we hadn't in awhile, we realized a couple of things. We can still learn and we like to be together. We were together 24/7 for three weeks straight and did not get sick of each other. Sure, he gave me a hard time in class, but that is what boys do in school, no? And we came away certified!

One other thing became very clear to me. Home is home. I love my city and I love my people. I love my food and I love my music. Edmonton is a lovely city and the mountains nearby were absolutely gorgeous. But I am a Winnipeg-er, through and through.

When we ventured away from school for the evenings or weekends, we were so blessed to have family and friends welcome us into their homes. To see familiar faces, old friends and family, was the best! To have them open their homes and share their home-cooked food with us was fantastic. I can't say how much a home-cooked meal fed my stomach and my heart, both, after eating microwaveable food or food from restaurants night after night. I will remember this for a long while and allow it to inform how I share what I have with those around me.

We have new skills, have met some amazing people through school and have reconnected with friends and family on this journey. This is goodness.

Be well,