Friday, March 18, 2011

Thoughts: Time and Inspiration

I have spent so much time on the business piece of my photography lately that I am having intense cravings to spend large amounts of time out in the field with my gear. In addition, my thoughts are wandering to all the fabulous courses being offered at a local photography school, the macro course in particular.

Current circumstances do not allow for big blocks of time earmarked for taking pictures nor do they allow for an investment of time or money into a course. I'll need to be creative in finding some smaller bits of time devoted to my craft. Carrying my camera with me more often is one way that I know increases my picture count.

Awhile ago I blogged about  making a switch to a smaller purse so I wouldn't be able to fit my camera inside just for the sake of it being available when inspiration would strike. The reason for this was shoulder pain. Well, I still have shoulder pain and I've taken fewer pictures. It was not the answer to the problem and it just created another problem.

Lugging my gear bag around everywhere I go is not something I care to do but I am willing to carry my camera.

I think I'll go switch purses again. If you see me stop suddenly on a sidewalk and crouch low to the ground or even lie down, don't panic and for heaven's sake, don't call 911. I've just been inspired.

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