Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New Direction

I am thinking of taking my blog in a new direction. We'll see how exposed I feel after this post - maybe you'll never see it! Up until now this blog's purpose has predominantly been to show my work and sometimes the how of the photo.

I've been feeling a little restless and unsettled with this format. There is little dialogue or connection with you. I've not invited it. And maybe that is because I want to stay safe. If I don't put myself out there, then I won't get hurt. If I put my work out there and it is not received well, there is some hurt, less than previous to the 'aha' moment written about below, but not nearly the same as if I put me out there.

And so here I go.

Recently I went down to Chicago for an art show. I was honored to have had a piece accepted for a show that is still running until the end of April, Women's Works 2013 in Woodstock, Il, just north of Chicago. This is the piece that is showing.

Winter's Corner
 My husband and I drove down from Winnipeg and met up with my sister, Cindy, and her husband. Interestingly enough, my sister also had a piece that was accepted into the show. Sharing this with her was a great deal of fun! Here is Cindy's piece.

Twilight by Cindy Dyson
 And here we are just outside the venue, The Old Courthouse in Woodstock, Il.
Cindy and I
Bro-in-law Bill and sister Cindy
Winter's Corner and I standing in our little corner.

I had an 'aha' moment while on this little trip. As the days came to an end I became quite aware that the art show piece was just a small piece of the bigger picture, which was a weekend get-away with my husband, sister and brother-in-law...and a life lesson learned.

Rod and I

The show was not the biggest piece at all. It is why we went down but it didn't end up being why I was there, if that makes any sense at all. I think the discovery that my photography does not define me, it is just something I do, was huge. It is certainly something I enjoy to do, but it is not who I am. So now, if my work doesn't sell or gets rejected, it no longer needs to go deep; it doesn't take anything away from who I am.

And even this post, if it is ignored, dismissed or rejected, it still takes nothing away from who I am. So the post will stay and the new direction will continue.

What about you? Do you have an 'aha' moment you'd like to share with me?


  1. I am a new follower of yours, and I do enjoy all of your photography. I am the scaredy cat here as I have not put up many pieces at all. I did enjoy your post and hope you do well in the contest. Valerie

  2. Thank you Valerie! I appreciate your comment!!

  3. Pleased to meet you! Congrats for being brave enough to put more of yourself into your posts - it's always interesting to see into other folks lives. Love your pictures, and it's good to see you getting recognition x

    1. Thank you, Maggie, for your warm words! I appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to comment.

  4. Carla, I just discovered your lovely blog and beautiful photos while doing a search on still life photography. Thank you for sharing your aha moment, there is consolation in it. It reminds me of a quote I recently read about not living by the world's approval. You are an artist no matter what. All the best with the art show!

    1. I so appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to comment! Thanks for sharing the quote - I agree with it!
      Be well,