Friday, April 5, 2013

Back in the 'hood

In between picking up some framed work and heading to the photo lab, I stopped off in my old nieghborhood to take a few pictures. The icy sidewalks slowed me down long enough to remember. I was transported back in time as I looked into my past to see the firemen playing volleyball across the street from our apartment block, the coved ceilings and fake fireplace in another apartment a couple of blocks over, the walks to and from work, crossing the bridge in the bitterly cold winter, the hysterical laughter with my roomies, my boyfriend's Challenger rumbling up the road, going for runs at 2 in the morning because I could (I DO NOT recommend this now) and living off of Chinese noodle packs at 3/$1.00.

I don't have pictures of any of those memories but I will share a few pics from around the 'hood.

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