Friday, February 24, 2012

Familiar and New

To keep our work fresh as photographers, it is good to challenge ourselves in new ways.

Today I wanted to capture something in my surroundings in a new way. This is indeed a challenge for me. I take many, many pictures. To think of a new way to take these pictures is often a reach for me.

I've taken many, many pictures of my daughter's piano. I've taken pictures of my daughter playing the piano and the piano at rest. Never have I taken an image quite like this one.

I'd like to put this challenge out to all you photogs out there. Look around you. Shoot an all too familiar subject in a whole new way. The results may surprise you.


  1. This is arresting--you found an angle that makes the familiar new and beautiful.

  2. Beautiful and fresh angle! At first I thought it was something completely different... But then quickly realized that it was piano keys :) Great!