Sunday, June 9, 2013

Be Well

I think the time has come to take a break from blogger for awhile. I thank all of you who have taken the time to look at my images and read my ramblings from time to time. Saying I appreciate your comments seems trite but it is a true statement.

If you are interested in following my work, you can find me on Google+ , facebook and also Etsy though my shop is currently closed for vacation.

Be well,


  1. I do hope you return sometime. Thank you, Carla, for your tips on photography, and for your spiritual inspiration that runs deep. I hope your summer is restful and restoring. John

    1. Thank you kindly, John. Funny, it feels like I've interacted with you on our blogs for a long while yet today is the first I've seen your name (that I recall). All the best to you as well. Thank you for your comments along the way. You've encouraged me in my work and also my faith. Be well.