Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pair and a Spare

This pair was none too happy to have me on their tails. I'm sure they were a little nervous because they likely have eggs or wee ones nearby.

The Canada Geese are plentiful in our area. They seem to find the most interesting and unusual places to nest. I've seen them nesting right close to a busy street, in the middle of a sidewalk, perched in a planter and then of course in the more likely of places like this farmer's field.

I've caught a few glimpses of some of the goslings that have hatched but so far I haven't had my camera with me to get some shots. They sure are cute though!

It is often more interesting to take pictures of wildlife at their eye level. This may require getting down and dirty but the results are usually worth it.  Being eye level allows the viewer a different perspective. Instead of a vantage point either well below these as they fly, or above as they nest, we are with them.

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