Saturday, March 3, 2012

In the Ditches

Southern Manitoba was hit with a big snow storm yesterday. After cancelling our drive out to the Whiteshell yesterday we drove out today. Along the way we saw the eerie remains of the storm. Cars were in the ditches, buried deep. I sure hope those drivers and passengers didn't get hurt and were able to find warm shelter last night.

We didn't only see the storm's strength in the ditches. This fox sat right by its den and was in no hurry to have us see him enter his home.  Enough was enough and after many pictures he dove into his fox hole and was gone. What a beautiful animal!


  1. He's beautiful! He's a little different than the red foxes here in SE Pennsylvania. We've had no snow to speak of this year. I, too, hope everyone up there was able to emerge from their cars and "shake it off."