Thursday, January 19, 2012

Heart of the Image

I have found over the years that it is often better for me to photograph part of the subject in order to show more of the subject. Capturing the tulip's play with light and shadow does more for the composition and revelation than including everything from the tips to the cut stems. The heart of the image, just like the heart of me or you for that matter, is not so easily seen from a distance.

I try to find out why I am drawn to the subject. There is usually something specific that catches my interest. Without even knowing what that is at first, though knowing there is something, I begin to engage with the subject by way of my lens. Looking and seeing, bending and moving, I explore and see what it is that draws me. More often than not, after some time, I find it.


  1. Ah Auntie Carla, even if my comments aren't frequent I LOVE what I get to view when I visit your blog. Sheer beauty! :)