Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Shooting Snowflakes

A snowflake or two might be all we see this Christmas. I took this photo last winter when there didn't really seem to be a shortage of the white stuff, unlike this December.

I love using my macro lens, first of all, to see the snowflakes in their detailed beauty and then to capture that beauty to share with you. Their delicate shapes are really quite remarkable to me. They certainly speak of an amazing Artist's hands and mind at work, that is for sure.

If you're going to attempt to take some macro shots of the snowflakes, my first suggestion is to take your tripod outside with you and use it. It may well be a bright sunny day but when using a macro lens and shooting something so tiny, even the smallest amount of camera shake can ruin your shot.

My second suggestion is to wear gloves. Often I am so excited to get out there that I leave these behind, forget about how cold it is and eventually, after too long,  realize just how badly my fingers are aching from the cold. Take the gloves. You'll be able to stay out longer to get the shots.

My third piece of advice is to take a bunch of shots. One of them will be a keeper ~ or at least, the odds are better with more images.

My final two cents maybe should have been my first. Wait for a snowfall of big fluffy flakes...the bigger the better. Trying to catch the detail in wee tiny snowflakes will be very challenging even with the best of macro lenses.

If you happen to have a White Christmas where you are, why not get out there and see what you can see?

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  1. Carla, that is an amazing shot. For this shallow DOF, I can see why zero camera shake is the goal! Here's to the artist who designed the flake . . .and the one who brought it to us.