Thursday, November 3, 2011

Christmas Give-away!

Christmas is coming and I feel like giving! I am going to be giving away one 4" x 4" photo block on Tuesday, November 15. You can take a look at my blocks here to see what I am talking about. Take a look at the smaller ones - that is the size I will be giving away. I'll also include a few pictures on this post so you get an idea of what they look like. I have not decided which photo I will use. Maybe you'd like to suggest which one you'd like to see be the prize. If so, feel free to do so in the comments below. It won't necessarily be the one I end up using but I'm happy to hear your suggestions. :)

In order to enter to win this photo block, here is what I'd like from you. I would like you to tell me one Christmas tradition that you enjoy each year or new Christmas activity that you are looking forward to this year. If your post comes up as anonymous, I'm sorry, but you won't end up in the draw unless you leave some information so I can contact you.

If you're having technical difficulties leaving a comment, you can also leave a comment on my facebook page. It will count! Just look for the link to this post and share your favorite tradition there. In order to leave a comment you'll have to "like" the page first.

Keep in mind that once I draw the name, I will actually have to make the block which takes about a week to complete. After that I will put it in the mail and it could take a few weeks to arrive in your mailbox, depending on where you live.

So please enter by sharing your favorite Christmas tradition with me. I will draw the name on Tuesday, November 15 in the morning. You may enter only once. I look forward to hearing from you! Fa la la la la!


  1. Ooooo fun!

    Hmmm.. my favorite Christmas tradition is decorating the tree with my daughter while listening to Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree. Then we have hot tea or cider and watch some Christmas movies. Fun!

    P.S. my favorite photo is the second one above...the one with the moon and trees. lovely!!

    myhools (at) yahoo dot com

  2. I'm in! Every year, as a family, from the time we were two adults until we were a family of four, we go out into the bush armed with axe and rope and find the "perfect Christmas tree". We wander around looking up and down to determine if we want a small tree or the top of a large tree. Then comes the cutting and trimming. Once the tree is down, we rope it up and haul it out of the bush to our waiting vehicle, where we tie it up and HOPE that it doesn't slide. Someone inside is always required to "hold tight" to the rope. I remember one year, when I was VERY pregnant, trying to tromp through thigh high snow to get that perfect tree. Arriving home and heating the kettle for hot chocolate is always a great end to a wet, cold, snowy, family Christmas "chore".

  3. Oh, and I love the block with the trees and moon, too.

  4. How fun!

    It is so hard for me to pick just one favorite tradition. My anniversary is the 19th and my birthday Christmas Eve, so it feels like a whole month of festivity!

    My favorite thing about Christmas is that when everyone is home we sing all the time. Having 9 people in the house constantly singing (thankfully, in tune and on pitch) is so wonderful! I love Christmas music. It makes me feel cozy and nostalgic because it sounds so much like home :).

    My favorite wood block print is actually your first of the pumpkin. It is so perfect, Carla. I just love how much it makes me think of that transition from autumn to winter!

  5. I love Christmas! I love that even though it's the colder time of the year, I always feel the warmest.
    My favorite Christmas tradition has to be going to my uncle's house on Christmas day. Every year, the whole side of my mother's family gathers at my uncle's house. There at least 60 of us that go to this Christmas celebration, and everyone brings their specialty dish that they are known for making. The food is amazing, but being able to have all of my family in one place for a night is the best part of all. I love that Christmas has the power to bring my whole family together. No one ever misses this tradition.

    I really like both of your photo blocks with the trees and the moon. They're both so pretty!

  6. I have a Cookie Exchange party every year, at the beginning of December. It jump-starts me into the festivities!

    This year, I look forward to having Christmas with our new grandson as part of the family!

  7. Oh my gosh! I am so blessed to hear your traditions. Thank you so much for sharing them with me. I look forward to hearing more!!!

  8. Every year on Christmas Eve we gather to our parents house. It is the only place to spend Christmas. We go to the cemetery to light up candles, enjoy the Christmas sauna, have a gooood and loooong Christmas dinner and then the Santa comes with presents <3

  9. Lisa at timandlisacain@gmail.comNovember 9, 2011 at 11:57 AM

    My favorite Christmas tradition is Christmas breakfast with my parents and siblings. I've lost my Daddy and one of my brothers, so though it's not the same, it's still a very special time for me to enjoy with my Mom, my sister and my baby brother. We spend time together making Christmas breakfast, then we open our gifts. It's a wonderful way to spend Christmas.

  10. This will be the second Christmas for me and my husband so we are creating our own traditions. I love setting up our tree together and drinking hot chocolate while curled up on the couch together watching Christmas movies.

    We also enjoy taking a funny family Christmas photo together and this year it will include our new puppy. We plan on dressing our pup up as the dog from the Grinch and we will each be a Who.

    p.s I love the green photo block with the trees and moon.