Sunday, July 3, 2011


Powerful and engaging on its own, the daisy evokes a response from the beholder. Strong, playful, delicate and lovely, her essence reaches the hearts of many.


Macro photography allows us to see detail we don't normally get the chance to see. These images were shot with my 60 mm macro lens. Because of the slow shutter speed I needed to obtain adequate exposure, I mounted my camera on my tripod. With excessively slow shutter speeds, I'll often reach for my remote switch as well. It doesn't take much at those speeds to show the smallest camera shake...even from pressing and releasing the shutter on camera.

My settings were the same for both images. My shutter speed was 1/8, aperture f/2.8 and focal length was 60 mm. ISO was fixed at 100.

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  1. Amazing pictures, and quite inspirational too at this time of the year ;-) Thanks for sharing! Found it through craft gawker!


    The Creative Muslimah @