Saturday, June 11, 2011


This momma was so intent on her direction she did not notice her wee ones could not scale the curb. Off she went, not looking back. We stopped and tried to help these adorable little fluffs up and over the curb. One was easily scooped up but the other two found cover under our jeep. A couple of other motorists helped us out and after laying on our bellies reaching for the ducklings, we eventually managed to work together and catch them. But where was mom? Nowhere in sight! We looked through the nearby grasses and bushes and found her with duckling number one. They were reunited, a happy little family!


  1. How sweet is that! Kudos to you guys for 'helping a fella...(or oblivious duck mama)...out!' LOL

  2. How sweet and funny. I saw a terrapin crossing the road when we lived in Maryland and pulled over to run it over to the woods it was headed toward. I'm so glad I got to it before someone else ran it over.

  3. Good for you! We do what we can, hey? :)