Friday, February 17, 2012


Sometimes we need to see things from a different perspective to see things at all. Here is a good example. The gaps between the bricks on a wall are home to sprouts of moss. Looking straight on, it looks like green grout and the assumption is made that mossy mounds fill the valleys. On closer inspection, they are not mounds at all. The sprouts reach further than we think. We see each one growing and reaching, instead of just as a mound or mass of, well, green.

Perhaps we can learn a thing or two from this. When we see groups of people do we make certain assumptions that stop us from looking closer to see the individuals? Or do we notice that each one is growing and reaching and living? They are not just one thing. They are not just green.


  1. This is a fantastic visual for the metaphor that you presented us with. Thank you! I will be using this as a reminder to myself on my journey of becoming a teacher (and being a teacher). It is a very wonderful descriptor of what I know I already believed about people, but had not put into thought yet. I think this photo is one of your most impacting yet (on me at least), but I am consistently in awe of how you draw out the details of Creation through your art. It reminds me of what I see my dad do with people, and what I know my mom also has a wonderful way with.

    I'm so glad I know you personally and will get to see and talk to you about life so many times in the future (hopefully this Saturday at Vicki's?)

    1. Thank you! You are a delight.

      I will see you Saturday and look forward to connecting with you as we move through life as individuals in the same family, together.

  2. Not meaning to eavesdrop, but applying the metaphor to the classroom is brilliant. Thanks to June Frost for that. My mind went to the usual groups that are often stereotyped: male, female, African American, immigrant, gay, artist, Middle Eastern, wealthy, etc. Your photo is a wonderful illustration of what we don't see when we dismiss them as "green grout."

  3. Lovely post. It catches you up and mades to stop for a second and look around.