Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Winter in Rural Manitoba

I was a little more aggressive with the processing for this image. In photoshop, I added not one but two texture layers and played with their opacity until they were both just right. I wanted to play up the beautiful sunshine on this cold winter day. The heavier texture was manageable because this image has some strong design elements, the hydro poles. Without the poles, the textures would have overwhelmed the composition.


  1. I've recently started with Photoshop Elements. It has so many more possibilities than the free, downloadable software I'd been using. A few tutorials on You-Tube have helped me to get started. Do you know if Elements contains texture layers? I've been playing with textures with ipiccy, an online tool, but the layers there are quite limited.

    1. I'm not certain - any layers I use I have purchased online. There are some amazing ones out there!

    2. Thanks! I'll stay with the learning curve.