Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Studio Flowers

I have a bouquet of flowers sitting in my studio. When the morning light comes, it sure makes me smile and I cannot resist grabbing my camera to take pictures. It is interesting that each morning, or afternoon or evening, something new catches my eye. It is never the same.

Once on my computer I brought this image into photoshop to add a texture layer. After sharpening the focal points and brightening the image up a bit, I was done.

My shutter speed was 1/13 (used a tripod), aperture f/2.8 and ISO 100. I used my 60 mm macro lens.


  1. Carla when morning light streams in thru a window from the east and it lights the kitchen table is that considered too bright or harsh? Do I catch the light before it gets bright and it's just what I call soft not creating great shadows etc?

    1. It depends what you're after in your picture. If you want a more dramatic shot, taking the picture with the sun shining from the east through your window might be just right. I've often taken shots in my dining room with the morning light coming through.
      Choosing to shoot before the sun is brightest from the east is also a good strategy to decrease the contrast between shadows and light.
      If you want the image even softer, perhaps choosing another window would help...or diffuse the light with a sheer curtain if you have one.