Monday, February 11, 2013

Capturing Character

You might have thought I was going to talk about the character of people. Rather, I am going to talk about capturing the character of flowers. Each flower seems to have a personality, a purpose. Some are soft and gentle, given to comfort. Others are dynamic and exciting, full of life!

This soft peach coloured carnation is a very gentle soul. Her tenderness is best captured with a shallow depth of field. She invites us to come close. Hard edges are blurred with the f/2.8 aperture and coming as close as my camera would allow.

And then we have this chrysanthemum. She is so full of movement and celebration! She calls me to step back a little more to take her all in, to watch as she dances in the light. Though I still used f/2.8 I did not shoot as close as I did for the gentle carnation.

I shot both of these images with my 60 mm macro lens at a speed of 1/60 and my ISO was 400.