Monday, January 28, 2013


I saw her coming down the street and noticed the frost immediately. Taking advantage of the exceptional daylight, I shot this picture of my daughter just as she opened the door from a cold walk. The frosted hair and eyelashes were stunning and needed to be captured before the warmth of our home made them a memory.

Making sure to focus on her eyelashes, the rest of her hair could blend softly into the background. I made sure to keep the important features in focus. Depth of field is important.

I shot with a shutter speed of 1/100 and aperture of f/2.8. My focal length was 34 mm and ISO 100. 


  1. This is a nice change of pace! My attention goes to her green eye. I normally think of green as a cool color. Here, it seems like a warm spot.

    1. Thank you. My daughter was just coming in the house. A kitchen light may have been reflecting in her eyes.

  2. so beautiful and simple