Friday, December 21, 2012

Decorated Decorations

I left some Christmas ornaments out in the snow in hopes that the new flakes would settle in on top without covering them up completely. It worked like a charm so I went outside with my camera and tripod once it was bright enough outside.

I shot this at 1/10 with an aperture of f/8. The slower speed required a tripod to steady my camera. The aperture I chose allowed for more of the snowflakes to be in focus because it offered a greater depth of field.
As is always the case with a predominantly white composition, I "pushed my whites to the right" on the histogram and then further brightened the image once on my computer.

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  1. I've never learned how to work with a histogram. The rest makes sense. The results are gorgeous! I think I'll find an internet tutorial on histograms. . .