Sunday, November 4, 2012


Making sure to compensate for the full white composition, I bumped up my exposure so the camera actually indicated the image was overexposed. I shot at f/8 and a speed of 1/800. My ISO was 100.

Once on my computer, I converted the image to a black and white because I wanted to rid the shot of the blues that are often found in snow compositions. However, it is not a true black and white as there are some warm tones present.

This wintry scene originally presented quite grey with a blue cast. Using a preset and then adjusting the colour from there, I eventually found what worked best, but the image was not yet complete. I brought it into Photoshop and applied a texture layer over-top.

In camera, I shot at f/8 with a speed of 1/800 and ISO of 100.


  1. I seem to recall that you shoot at ISO 100 as a rule. That might be challenging for me, as I'm often out at sunset. But, in better light, I might try that.
    Of course, I could always take up early morning walks! ;)

    1. Mornings are quite beautiful!

      But evenings, too. Do what works best for you and your schedule.

  2. These are absolutely beautiful!
    They represent winter in every way!