Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sacred Echoes of the St. Boniface Basilica

One of the things I either look for or am drawn to are echoes within an image. When we see a shape or idea repeated, we take note. It is interesting and engaging. Here in this image of the St. Boniface Basilica we see triangular echos throughout the frame.

With regard to spiritual things, I quite like to consider repeated truths or teachings as sacred echoes. This idea first came to me through a book called The Sacred Echo by Margaret Feinberg. My sister-in-law told me about this good read and I have since bought it for myself. When an idea or teaching is repeated within a distinct enough time-frame to be noticeable I sit up and do take notice. There will be something for me to see and understand, for sure.

I shot this image at a speed of 1/100 and aperture of f/10. My focal distance was 24 mm with my 24-70mm lens. As usual, my ISO was 100.

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