Friday, November 30, 2012


Here is the November 30 post in November's Pic of the Day album. I have finished the challenge and posted an image each day except for one in the album you'll find here. It was harder than I thought, not because I don't shoot every day...I do. Taking a picture and choosing a picture that I thought was good enough for the album was a challenge...and sometimes I was in a rush to do I posted and then ended up taking better pictures, more interesting pictures later in the day. And so it went.
Composing this picture, I decided to have the more interesting things in the lower corner of the shot, leaving negative space up top as a contrast. The yellow lily in the background made for a brilliant backdrop. I was using my 60 mm macro lens with an aperture of f/2.8 so the lily was only colour, instead of detail that would distract.

My shutter speed was 2.5 seconds so you'll guess correctly that I used my tripod for this shot. My ISO was 100.


  1. Well, I cannot view the album -- Facebook says it's unavailable (and I am signed in). But, it sounds like a fun project! I post mostly on Flickr, and I admit to being in the same struggle. Do I post photos that I took just for fun? Should I include shots that were the best I could do under the circumstances (especially when it's wildlife)? Or, should I follow the advice given me by a local professional photographer -- post only my best? Since I don't make a living through photography, I've opted for the variety.

    Can't see your album, but I've enjoyed what you've posted here!

    1. Oh, too bad about not being able to see the album. I changed the links. Hopefully they'll work now.