Thursday, October 18, 2012

Winter Road

Last winter was an exceptional one for hoarfrost. There were many days when the frost would blanket the trees and stay well into the day, sometimes even overnight. It was a winter wonderland!
I shot this picture in Winnipeg. I chose to go to an older part of the city, where the trees were plentiful and mature. The resulting images I took had beautiful canopies of frost covered branches reaching across the roads to meet.

I shot at a focal length of 27 with an aperture of f/8 and shutter speed of 1/200.

Once on my computer I cooled the tones even more than what was already present, which resulted in a blue tint to the snow and ice that I quite liked.


  1. Amazing! :) I think this is my favoirite picture now because I wait winter so much. Some times I would like to see your pictures with and without any photoshopping :) I like that you tell shutter speeds and other stuff :)
    I wish you good weekend, Jonna from Finland.

    1. Thank you, Jonna!
      I've sometimes thought about putting before and after pictures up but haven't done that so far.
      You have a good weekend, too!
      Be well,