Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Different Together

Being different together works.
Being different together is quite beautiful.

Finding things that don't normally go together, together, often presents a wonderful photo opportunity. As you look around, notice the unusual. Does it speak to you? Is it beautiful? If it resonates somehow, it will quite likely translate into an interesting image.

Discovering this pinecone (it was obviously not where it originated) was quite interesting to me. The colour of the light and the surrounding landscape were also interesting. The snow falling brought another element of movement into the picture that was somehow connective. All of these pieces came together to produce a beautiful, uniquely unified scene, one that I felt quite at home in.

I shot at a focal length of 300, shutter speed of 1/160 and aperture of f/5.6. To ensure clarity with the longer lens choice, I bumped my ISO to 200 so I could maintain a faster speed. With a longer lens, the possibility of camera shake increases immediately.

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