Monday, October 22, 2012

Catching Sunshine

We've had a stretch of overcast and rainy days here in Winnipeg. Yesterday the sun returned and this morning for a bit as well. The forecast is for the sun's hiding over the next several days so I made sure to get out there with my camera for at least a few minutes this morning.
There is a patch of sunflowers not from from us. The faded flowers share space with some corn and a few other things in a community garden.

I got in close and then once on my computer I cropped even closer. The way the sun shone through the tired flower was so pretty. The f/4 aperture was just right to catch the detail in the flower and seeds both, and allowed the stem to fall off into blur. I shot at a speed of 1/30. Because I did not have my tripod it was really quite a fluke that I did not get camera shake. I usually don't go slower than 1/50 or 1/60, depending on the lens choice. All in all I think the image turned out as I hoped.

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