Monday, September 10, 2012


Today was the perfect day for a photo shoot along Waterfront Drive in Winnipeg. Before I got started with that shoot, I wandered by the river and took a few images for myself. Autumn is definitely on its way as shown by the carpet of leaves that crunched beneath my feet. I do not feel so ready for the cooler weather but on a beautifully warm day such as today, Autumn's arrival isn't so daunting.

I love to use echo in my images. What I mean by that is the repeating of a pattern. In these images, the strong dark lines of the bench legs are repeated in the trees around them and in the lower picture, the light standard as well. The domed inverted 'V' on the bench in the top image is also repeated in the domed inverted 'V' in the branches of the trees. The circular legs on the bottom bench are echoed in the round lights on the standard and, more subtly, in the forming of a circle or half-circle by the light standard and tree branch.

Patterns bring comfort. I think our minds automatically search for patterns and familiarity in images and also in life.

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