Friday, August 10, 2012

Wind's Sigh

To catch the spirit of the prairies one must include wheat and wind.
Finding a new perspective when shooting can make a big difference in the outcome. Getting low to the ground and shooting the subject of the wheat upward gives a sense of shelter and security.

Shelter and security are both strong characteristics found in homesteading on the prairies; we see the wind but are not fearful.


  1. In other areas of life, I'm a "big picture" person. I work with concepts, visions, goals, and outcomes. I depend on people who are detail oriented to apply tweaks and refinements. Photography, and what you're presenting here, is a good reminder that the micro can often tell the story just as well. I don't see miles of prairie in your frame, but I truly feel its presence.

  2. I love this is such a soft view..with the unexpected angle. Also you can "feel" the breeze drifting through the wheat, and the earthy smell that must have been in the air around you.
    Beautiful Work, Thank you for sharing...and bringing back fond
    memories. KV