Thursday, July 26, 2012

Finding Light

This morning the skies are heavy and the light low.

I challenged myself to take pictures even though I felt less than inspired. Wandering and even crawling around my home, I took a couple dozen shots and ended up gravitating towards this bottle on my kitchen window ledge. Even on a darker morning, this vessel seemed to hold the light, treasure it. I found my inspiration.

I shot at f/2.8 with a shutter speed of 1/320. Forgetting my ISO was at 400 to allow for the lower light in my previous shots, I kept it there. Bumping up the ISO often increases noise or grain in an image. With the textures found in the screen and mottled glass I decided that was just fine; it did not compromise the integrity of this shot.

In processing, I added a colour layer to enhance the green already found in the image.

1 comment:

  1. I like the curved glass against the grid of the screen in the background. The hint of color on the outside might be a message of hope.