Friday, July 13, 2012

Billboards and Buildings

Discovering a vintage billboard gem when wandering around Winnipeg is a great delight. Finding a billboard gem on a sweet canvas is greater still.

There are many of these hand-painted advertisements in old Winnipeg. Some are faded beyond legibility. Others, protected from the elements by a neighbouring building or are simply a little newer, are easily identifiable.

I found this one in Winnipeg's Exchange District. I love how the plywood "windows" and teal steel doors add pops to the canvas. I did some tweaking in processing to deepen the etchings and colours, both.

Shooting buildings at a slight angle hides the distortion that is often found in architectural photography - unless you're using a tilt-shift lens which I do not have. The angle can also add an artistic feel, though not always.


  1. Interesting advice, about the slight angle. I'll try that!

    1. Often this works for me but sometimes it is painfully obvious that it does not. Enjoy!