Friday, June 1, 2012


While I'm on my dandelion kick, I'll add another image I took this morning that I've called Wishes.

I love how these two wishes have lodged themselves between a rock and a hard place. Yet they are still present, like hope. And isn't that exactly the place where we feel we need hope the most?

I wanted this image to be as natural as possible. I chose not to use any layers or processing outside of some sharpening and removal of noise. I did not change the colours present or add any layers to blur or modify the image. Choosing to show these seeds just as they were was important to me. The wind called for many captures to get one image that was relatively sharp. In the end, I am pretty happy with the results.


  1. I haven't blogged or even looked at blogs for awhile now. So I tried to a little catchup tonight. I found myself drawn to this picture and your description of wishes between a rock and a hard place.