Saturday, June 16, 2012

Thai Eggplant

When I was in the grocery store the other day, I spotted these little squash-like beauties in the produce section. With no idea of what they were called, I hunted down the nearest produce man (who also happens to be the whistling man) and asked him what they were. He said "eggplant" - well, I know what an eggplant looks like and these did not resemble it at all! Noticing my doubt, he added, "Thai Eggplant".

I bought a few for the sole purpose of taking their pictures. I doubt I'll eat them.

I placed the eggplants on my counter-top near the kitchen window so what light there was on that cloudy day would reach them. Not enough, I got my tripod, slowed my shutter speed and opened my aperture wide.

In processing I stripped the colour, wanting the textures, lines and forms to be accentuated best in black and white.

The composition is simple with just the two eggplants and a whole lot of negative space. The stems are intentional in their placement, allowing us to easily connect "the dotted line" in our minds.

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