Saturday, June 9, 2012

Spider Webs and Dew Drops on a Saturday Morning

I need to start wearing knee pads for these kinds of shoots. Crawling around on stones to get the shots is painful. Funny how I often don't notice the pain or disregard it until I move to get up after the images are captured.

The rain and heavy fog have left behind millions of tiny drops on the grass blades and spider webs. If you look closely you'll not only see a large dew drop (that is actually pretty small) but on each web string is a line of drops. It is quite spectacular when magnified.

I used my 60 mm macro lens to get right close to the dew drops. I bumped up my ISO to 200 and used an f-stop of 2.8 to get decent exposure at a 1/60 shutter speed.


I put my knee pads on and got back out there.


  1. When I go for shots like that, I have similar discomforts. I also get my clothes wet. But, for me the rewards far outweigh the nuisances. When I see worlds like the ones you've so skillfully shared, I realize that other creatures have been here. And, they live here!

    1. Maybe it is possible to recognize other photographers based on their wet and dirty clothes! That and the cameras hanging from their necks, of course!

  2. How beautiful! <3 these are seriously stunning and amazing shots!

  3. How to give the impression that a tiny rain drops can be strong as storms... I'm also on my knees!