Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sizing it up!

Not all photography work is meant to be large-scale. Not all photography work is capable of being large-scale, depending on resolution.

Choosing the best output size for your work is important for presentation. I have some images that are best printed small and mounted on a 4" x 4" photo block. Some of my work shows best when it is on the larger side. There are a few cases where an image can manage to look pretty good in all sizes. And, of course, there are many that will never see the inside of a lab!

When printing work or planning to put artwork up, it is also important to consider the space and proximity to other pieces of art, furniture or fixtures. This will also play into how good the piece looks and at what size.

Here is my Strobe image. Below it, you'll see I've printed it on the larger side - 2' x 2' - and the image held its own at this size.

Take a look at your images and consider what size will give them the best showing and then head off to the lab!


  1. Good advice; thank you. I have never painted, but I've noticed that my friends who do have canvases that range greatly in size. It makes sense that the same wisdom would go, as well, for photography.

  2. Happy discovery, your site.
    Here, I scrolled down, breathing,
    and the air became... chrysanthemum. Fresh. Pungent.


    Thank you.