Friday, June 22, 2012

I Stepped Into Another Country

It was as though I found myself in another country. The poppies were waving in the fields as I peddled past them on my way to a cobblestone cafe in the next village. The sun was warm and the roads, dusty. A cold drink with a friend would be just right.
In reality, this patch of poppies was waving as I walked past them but it was in my own city of Winnipeg. The poppies grew on a boulevard, surrounded by concrete. Their invitation to another place and another time was unmistakable and so very successful.

Naturally, I had my camera with me. I got in close enough so as not to allow any indication that this picture was taken anywhere other than where the imagination can travel. Using a relatively shallow depth of field, I focused on one poppy, allowing the rest to move and wave into the blur.


  1. Takes me right back to the fields of waving poppies in Europe - especially in Flanders. Beautiful.

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  3. Ha ... laughing at myself. I started to post a note about how these poppies were a lovely invitation ... and then I finished reading what you wrote. So ... consider me an echo.