Monday, May 28, 2012

Finches vs Squirrel

This morning I found this finch egg on our driveway and wondered how it got there. There is a family of finches in our grapevine and sadly they lost a little egg to something.  I left it and got to my day.

This afternoon the finches were making quite a racket, hovering like hummingbirds around the grapevine, scolding something fiercely. I didn't see it right away but after poking through the vine branches, I saw the squirrel's black beady eyes looking out. I got my broom out and chased it away. It didn't take long before I saw a furry tail right close to the nest again so I chased the squirrel away again. Likely, my efforts are futile but I'm hoping for the best for these feathered friends and their wee ones.

I just noticed a cat at the base of the grapevine. Lots of action today!

Here are a couple of shots of one of the finches, ruffled feathers and all.

I used my 60 mm macro lens for the image of the egg but for the finches I changed lenses to my 75-300 zoom. I chose a 1/160 shutter speed and aperture of f5. It seemed to be fast enough to catch the finches with good exposure. I love the fact that I can see the feathers standing on end and can feel the protective instincts alive and well in the finch.


  1. Do you know if there are anymore eggs left in the nest there must be if they were trying to protect. It right I think it's so cool they you are watching out for them and I love your pics wish I could take pics like that

    1. Found another couple of eggs on our driveway late yesterday and I haven't seen the finches at all today. I'm thinking that was it. Thanks for leaving a comment!