Thursday, May 10, 2012


I must be a real sight to the neighbours at times.  Had anyone been looking out their window early this morning they may have seen me lying on the patio in my plaid flannel pj's getting some shots that could not wait for outdoor attire. No matter, I do what I have to do.

This morning's light was just right and the mild temperature drew me outside with my camera to join those early birds getting their worms.

The apple blossoms have just started blooming, just a few today. By tomorrow there will be many more.

What caught my eye even more and dropped me to the ground were some chives growing up between the patio edging and a sidewalk block.  Once captured, I brought the images into my computer and played with some layers in photoshop.

The contrasts between strong lines and muted tones, light and dark, sunshine and shade seem to echo the contradiction found in the chive. The beauty of the bud and the delicate nature of its eventual blossom stand in contrast to the strong and pungent taste that the chive gives to our baked potatoes and salads...maybe even later today!


  1. So glad you have the boldness to do that. Some things matter more than street clothes.

  2. Breathtaking composition, eyes and soul melt together.