Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ballroom Dancer

Though quite an ordinary garden flower, the petunia is graceful and full of beautiful movement. The flow of her petals is elegant and similar to that of a ballroom dancer whose skirt billows and falls as she dances. The veining in the petals create beautiful lines and form, much like the dancer's arms and legs, allowing for extension of melody as each moment reaches for more.

I am captivated by the ordinary.

I used a zoom lens and my tripod for this shot. The zoom created distance between the bloom and background, giving adequate blur to the noisy distractions behind the petunia. A windy day resulted in an image that is not tack-sharp in all areas, which lent itself well to the feeling of movement I was trying to capture. There are enough sharp areas remaining to show the detail necessary to the petunia's story.

Bringing the image into photoshop I enhanced the mood of the image with a texture that I blurred before application for added softness.

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