Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spring's Flow

There is a flow to spring that is refreshing and invites me to move after the stillness of winter. The bursting forth of life after a season of dormancy and rest stirs something inside me to the same.

Today I choose to grow (accepting the growing pains that come along with it) and hopefully, eventually, bear fruit.

I chose to use my macro lens for this capture, to blur the seeds in front and behind my focal point. Together with the lines of the composition, it lends a movement to the picture that would be lost to full clarity.

Choosing textures and shading that move the eye around the image was also intentional.

Composition is fluid and grows from thought to sight to capture to processing to output. And then it may lie dormant for a time but once someone else sees it and brings their perspective formed by experience to the image, it begins to grow again.


  1. It seems to be looking up. Beautiful processing.

  2. Loving the textures you applied to your photo — perfectly subtle.