Thursday, April 19, 2012

I Wish to be by the Sea

To hear the waves
To feel the breeze
To see the gulls
To taste the salt
I wish to be by the sea

I salvaged this image today. Sitting in my archives from years ago, it was missing something though I didn't know just what it was. Still there was something about it that didn't allow me to delete it permanently.

I pulled it into photoshop and played with some layers and found not what was missing but rather a layer that allowed me to see on the screen exactly how I saw this lighthouse and the sea in my heart.


  1. lovely... I'd go and sit by the sea with you...

  2. I've been to the ocean only a few times in my life. Thanks for reminding me what a sensory experience it is.

  3. This is lovely! Found you by way of Kristy's Google + page. :)