Thursday, February 2, 2012

Photographing a Winter Wonderland

These last couple of days of mild weather and early morning fog have gifted us with beautiful hoarfrost that lasts well into the afternoon. To be able to walk out my door and out on the trail into this wonderland has been such a blessing. Seeing things anew inspires creativity and opens the world up in a whole new way, at least for a time.

When heading out with your camera into a largely white landscape, remember the tip "push the whites to the right" when viewing your histogram (just don't go off the graph). The camera will be fooled into thinking an underexposed image is a proper exposure. Compensating for this is necessary to avoid an image that is grey and dark.


  1. I especially like the macro on the bottom.
    Histograms, on the other hand, baffle me.

  2. Beautiful photos. I like the last one most.

  3. So lovely, makes me miss the silence in the snowy landscape

  4. Can these be purchased?????

    1. They sure can be! Email me at if you are interested with approx sizes you are thinking you'd like. Thank you!