Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Ornament

Each year at Christmas each person in our family tries to select an ornament that speaks of our year, each one of us.

Some years are more difficult than others to pinpoint what those ornaments will be. One year I made up a life preserver ornament that will remind me each Christmas of the time I fell through the ice on the lake and lived to tell about it! Another Christmas I chose a store bought ornament full of cracks and lines and yet was so beautiful - this one spoke of such a difficult year but in the end it all went towards healing and beauty.

There are ornaments that are more fun with fewer heart-strings attached...such as this year's for me. This was the year I began making photo blocks and so I decided I would make a mini-block of one of my more popular images, a blue pumpkin called Carriage in Waiting. Funny how it works...popularity...this is not one of my personal favorites but it still speaks of something of my year...trying to figure out the photography market. I do not have it figured out, by the way, and have decided to just keep taking pictures the way I have been. What comes, comes. What goes, goes. What is favored, is favored.

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