Wednesday, November 16, 2011


There is so much more to this life and living than I know. There are many things I will never understand while I live on this earth but heaven forbid I quit trying, quit learning.

Sometimes something will happen to immediately stretch my thinking. Sometimes it is a conversation with a friend, sometimes a comment on one of my posts, sometimes it is a truth in the Bible that shines light on my life in a way it had not before. Sometimes it is the act of photography.

Taking a photo of the moon this morning reminded me of my smallness and creation's grand scale. It enlarged my capacity, even if only for a short while, to imagine how much more there is to know, to learn, and made me hungry to grow.

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  1. I really relate to everything you've said here. And, my first experiences with 35 mm photography were in college, when I took astronomy. Somehow, an awareness of our smallness at least nudged me toward seeking more perspective. Thanks for that reminder.