Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Still Do

Twenty-five years ago today, Rod and I were married. It was a cold November day. There was a whole bunch of snow on the ground as we had recently been through a snow storm that shut down the city a couple of weeks prior. Our wedding was an evening candlelit ceremony. Of course there would be things I'd change about our day now (dresses, shoes, colours, dancing...) but I would not change up the man I married. Not a chance.

I love you Rod.

This is the night we got engaged. We're in the apartment I shared with some great gal pals in Osborne Village.

I had to include this. Next to me, this was Rod's baby. Many a day, while still in my apartment, I could hear him drive up River Avenue to pick me up. We drove around a lot in his Challenger...and parked too.

I still do.

Our wedding party.

One year anniversary.

Still loving each other 25 years later.

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