Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Market

The patrons were gone; all was quiet. The market would bustle again, this is for sure, but for now, the teal sky and the memories echoing up from the cobblestone were its company.


  1. Carla,
    If you receive this comment then I've probably resolved a problem. I've been trying unsuccessfully to post comments on the entries of you and other people. Especially you because yours is the only blog I'm currently following. Sadly, my comments have all fallen into oblivion. I've written to Blogspot about the problem, but received no reply.

    Sitting here, watching a movie on Netflix, it occurred to me that Blogspot may not like certain browsers. So, I downloaded Google Chrome. If Google is going to like a browser, it'll be that one. So, here's my next attempt. Please feel free to delete this, but know that if I see it in a moment, I'll be celebrating!

    And, thanks for your inspirational work.

  2. I see the comment and am happy to hear that a fix was successful. I have heard from others that they are unable to post comments. I will leave your post on for others to see if this is ok with you.

    I enjoy reading your blog.

  3. I would be delighted to help others in that way. Thank you, Carla. And, thanks for reading my blog, as well.