Saturday, September 17, 2011

I Never Know What I'll Find

I never know what I'll find. Well, I guess I do have a pretty good idea of what is in my own backyard, but what I mean is I don't know what will find me. What will stand out to me, call for my attention, and ultimately be what I see?

Today it was this flower going to seed. As has often been the case, when I uploaded my images to my computer, I wondered what it was about this familiar sight that stopped me long enough to see it and take its picture.

Here's what I like:

I like the contrast of the faded flower against the gorgeous green of the leaf it rests on. I like the burnished edges of the bloom and how they echo the colour found in the background.

Here's why I like:

Living holds on in this image, at least for today, supported and belonging.

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