Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thoughts, questions, conclusions...thoughts, questions, conclusions...

We are back from a week of holidays. I've had some time to think over the long drives we've had across the prairies. Lots of thoughts, some questions and some conclusions...that have led to lots of thoughts, some questions and some conclusions...well you get the drift.

Today's thought was along the lines of my wit's end being the beginning of Wisdom. Wisdom, capitalized because it is the Wisdom of God, is a wisdom like no other. When I come to my wit's end, my self-sufficiency, my ability or skill to navigate my way through something, do I panic? Do I board that familiar train bound for nowhere fast? Sadly, I do, all too often.

What if, instead, I chose to trust the One who knows all things, sees all things, hears all things and has a divine purpose for me and my life? Still better, what if I chose to trust in and focus on my Creator instead of trusting in and focusing on myself from the get-go?

My conclusion to this thought was that my wit's end can certainly be the beginning of Wisdom if I choose not to panic and trust. What if I choose to panic? Can this still be the beginning of wisdom?

And so it goes...

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  1. The Bible says that fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. And that's where it begins...and ends...with me. Fear of displeasing him. So I try to live my life...and answer my questions...accordingly.