Friday, July 15, 2011

The Road

There is a bunch to learn along this artsy road. I can get quite overwhelmed at times and feel like it is just all too much and want to step back or even step out (of the world of art, I mean) but I don't think my heart can really do that, step out.

I believe I was created by God with a creative bent. The creative touch was not by chance but rather an intentional gifting. The purpose of this gift is to touch the world around me in many ways I likely won't even be aware of and to point back to my Creator, not to keep it to myself, buried and useless.

As I've chosen to become vulnerable in putting my work, myself, out there, I have learned a great deal about photography of course, but also about so much more. I have learned about the business end and logistics of the art world. I have learned about relating to people and engaging with them in some really quite remarkable ways that speak into my life. I have discovered ways to move through work that seems beyond my ability to do, step by step, until I get to the end of whatever it is that is put before me. I have learned that there is much to learn and the fear of being exposed as unlearned is a pretty bad reason not to learn and proceed and reach for more. I have learned that self-doubt and negative self-talk often come after an exciting opportunity is presented to me...and I accept it. I am learning how to recognize that and work through that, and not allow it to influence my decisions.

I have also learned more about who God is in this process. It amazes me how He reaches into my spirit and my circumstances to reveal Himself to me on this journey. This is a rich road of learning and one I am so thankful to be on.

Each of us is on a road of learning. What the roads look like will vary greatly from person to person, but some of these things that I am learning, you too are learning in ways that are specific to who you are.

So on we go, sometimes overwhelmed but hopefully with a continued zeal for learning more as we journey on.

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