Friday, January 28, 2011

Gear Bags and Big Purses

A heavy gear bag can take its toll. I have shoulder issues and I think it is mostly because of the weight of my camera gear that I lug around rather often. Not willing to lighten this load, I'll turn to the next possible culprit, my purse.

I have big purses. My reason for having big purses is my camera must be able to fit inside whichever one I choose to carry. Have we come back to the gear bag? No. No we haven't.

I used some Christmas money to buy a new purse yesterday. This one is much smaller than previous purses I've owned and there is no possible way it will hold my Canon. My load will be lighter. My shoulders will be happier.

But wait. I'll most certainly want my camera along. I'll just be a second. I need to grab my gear bag...

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